Media Strategies

A Whole New Playing Field

Pause Solutions takes a giant step beyond banner ads and other traditional marketing approaches. The elusive golden egg of reaching highly focused demographics is coming of age.

So far, online videos have been a good way for companies to promote brands or demonstrate products. From preparing a recipe to sinking a putt, from off-road racing to quilt making – special interest videos are flooding the Internet. Now every company with a video library is a potential media resource. The Big Three will give way to the Big Three Million.

Pause Solutions is poised to reach these audiences with products they are already interested in. It’s a marketing utopia! For starters, you can use Pause Solutions to help companies sell their own products within their own videos. And, if you see other marketable items within their videos, you can sell Pause Solutions media space in those videos too. Your clients get additional revenue and you get additional commissions.

Pause Solutions enables you to play match-maker. Establish a dedicated group within your agency that searches through online videos for related products and then puts together independent Pause Solutions media proposals. The companies you match-up get increased coverage for their products as well as media revenue.

Multiple Media Streams

Think outside your homepage.

Wherever your videos play, Pause Solutions can be there generating revenue and brand awareness. Opportunities abound for exposure on the Internet. This is an exciting time for online marketing. Here are some possibilities you may not have considered.

Media Stream Opportunities:

  • Of course, we must start with your own website. It is your home base and the logical place to use Pause Solutions to market your goods within the related videos. Did you know you can sell other products relevant to your videos that you don’t even carry?
  • Are you a sponsor? There’s a wonderful opportunity to reach your captive target audience. Have the people you sponsor host (or link to) your videos on their website and blog. It’s a natural union, and makes them look good too.
  • Do you have a presence on social media websites? This is another growing opportunity.
  • What other industries are complimentary to yours? Why not exchange video assets and product offerings. You have nothing to lose, only potential revenue to gain.