Marketing Tools

Tracking: What’s Hot (or Not)

Traditionally, videos have been a good way to promote your brand, service your customer or demonstrate your products. Pause Solutions offers unprecedented opportunities to measure product performance and manage content. In addition, Pause Solutions enables you to instantly respond to trends. There is no other marketing environment like it.

Tracking Capabilities with Pause Solutions:

  • Identify which videos are hot. Determine when traffic is heaviest. And, if the video is posted in multiple locations, learn which locations are hot and which are not.
  • See which items generate the greatest interest and position them for optimal performance.
  • Establish if an item is hot in one region and not in another.
  • Ascertain which items are cold and remove or reposition them.
  • Instantly change prices and monitor response.
  • Use Pause Solutions as a test bed for product introductions.
  • And, if you are hosting products from other companies in your Pause Solutions equipped videos, you can resell all of the above tracking capabilities to them.

Custom Pause Solutions Reports

Online marketing continues to gain in popularity among marketing, advertising, and media placement agencies because of its inherent ability to provide accurate and measurable data in real time. Pause Solutions technology provides the resources to generate custom reports on-the-fly to measure: video activity, product interest, clicks, impressions, and purchasing decisions. These reports can be generated into regional, monthly, quarterly, or yearly data. This information will allow businesses to create more effective content and targeted product offerings. In addition, our reports will provide internal data such as: users, account data, products, videos, players, and modification dates.

Media changes have never been more responsive

You can use Pause Solutions to test products and placement scenarios, tailor the criteria for your reports, and make changes to your strategy accordingly. The beauty is that with every adjustment you make to your strategy, Pause Solutions enables you to implement your changes immediately and publish those changes to every facet of your player at one time. The possibilities are tremendous.