Pause Solutions technology delivers "User Engagement" to online video

“Pause Solutions technology has revolutionized how a viewer responds to video. Our video communication is even more powerful because we are now providing our customers multiple opportunities to learn more about the related information in the video. And with the use of the patented video-in-video capabilities, we are able to provide an incredible depth of information without our customer ever leaving our video or worse yet our webpage.”
– Rob Goulet, Private Club Links
Private Club Links

Direct Marketing vs. Advertising

“When you need to own the outcome rather than just the impression, you need a strategy that is more than just hoping to be found.”
– Scott Falk, Arrowhead Conferences and Events
Arrowhead Conferences and Events
“Delivering the kind of video experience our audience demands – no pre-roll or intrusive ads – helping to create a customer. Advertising simply creates an impression and hopes someone will respond.”
– Jason Elton, Charity Golf Days
Charity Golf Days