'Glads House' - Mombasa Street Charity

‘For tens of thousands of children in Mombasa, Kenya, the ‘street’ is where they live their lives: hustling, sleeping, working, and eating.  The street is their home and this is where their daily struggle is endured.  Some are second or third generation street children. And the  number of children on the streets increases every year.

Currently in Kenya there are a few governments departments addressing the very real needs of these marginalized citizens; but there simply is not enough money to go around. It is up to grassroots organisations and NGOs (non-governmental organisations) to reach out to these children and offer them a helping hand. This is where Glad’s House is trying to help.

If you believe that every child deserves a decent chance in life, then you believe in everything we stand for.  The street children of Mombasa need friends, friends to help them survive, to prevent their abuse, to give them hope and self-respect so that they can look forward with hope to their future lives.

In april 2012, Professional Golfer - Chris Lloyd had the opportunity to travel to the kenyan city of mombasa to witness the astonishing work that European Tour-supported charity glad’s house do for poverty-stricken street children. 

It inspired him so much he recently returned to lend his support to the dedicated volunteers.Click here to read how Chris Lloyd makes a return to Mombasa