Our Charities

As we prosper, Pause Solutions Ltd will donate five percent of net annual profits to charities with an emphasis on gene research and cancer research. Our management team has been active in fund raising for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust for the last 10 years. There is a simple truth - if there is a breakthrough for CF then the impact will be felt across the world for all genetic based afflictions.

The team have also raised funds for 3 Cancer based charities - CLIC, Prostate Cancer and Cancer Research UK - so the focus will be through Cancer Research and a specific aim to aid CLIC and Prostate Cancer in the first instance. We also have a particular link to Golf with Cancer Research - supporting the Seve Ballesteros Foundation - as one of our founding Directors is also a Professional Golfer.

We are setting up a separate website called www.pauseanddonate.tv which will launch in Autumn 2016. This will be a home/ Video Channel set up for Charities to profile videos dedicated towards spreading the message for their respective charities. It will profile how the Pause Solutions can be used to manage electronic fundraising campaigns on behalf of their respective charities.

In the US

We are partnered with Soup Digital in the US where their emphasis is toward feeding the hungry. They are convinced that feeding the hungry is the first step toward relieving poverty, at home and around the world. In addition, during a crisis situation, food and shelter and clean water are the most immediate concerns.

Each year, our review board will pick two or more charitable organizations that meet the Digital Un Ltd Initiative criteria. These criteria are:

  1. Primary infuses on genetic research and cancer research *
  2. Maximum amount of donation reaches the nominated charities
  3. Stellar reputation
  4. Must be a not-for-profit organization

Join the Digital Un Ltd Initiative

We applaud those organizations already involved. The least we can do is help support them. We encourage everyone to get even more involved with intimate and active participation.

For Companies: If you are a Digital Un Ltd client, you already are a contributor. Also, we invite you to join us and take an active part by getting involved with our fine charity partners that support our present concerns..

For Consumers: If you’ve come to this page as a customer on one of our websites, we extend this invitation to you as well. If you wish to make a donation, please see our list of charity partners above. We also encourage you to get actively involved with them. There’s plenty of work to go around - and you can also take part in one of our Charity Golf Days if you enjoy a little sport, networking to meet some new clients and raise a shekel or 2 in the process.

All of us at Pause Solutions wish to thank you in advance, for your participation.

* Some charity partners may have a broader scope than Leukaemia, prostate cancer or genetic research. For these charities we request that our contribution be earmarked for our focussed approach in the first year of our association with them.

Our Charities