Business Solutions

More than ever, people are using online video to follow their interests. Whether it’s a fan watching off-road biking or a gardener learning planting techniques – online videos are a great way to reach a highly targeted audience. Now you can take advantage of this trend.

Pause Solutions uses online videos to market related products. At the viewer’s convenience, they can pause the video and get in-depth information, products or services – without ever leaving the video. The viewer can continue the video, or Pause Solutions will take them to your website to complete transaction.

Pause Solutions is a marketing tool that doesn’t discriminate against the small business or the new business. That’s because it’s the viewer’s interests that drive success with Pause Solutions. Now you’ve got an even playing field. If you have a product with solid potential, you can use Pause Solutions – even for just one product, even if you don’t have any online videos!

If you don’t have online video, consider partnering with other companies to create an account.