Video Attaché

Pause Solutions Application Use
Pause Solutions enhances the video viewing experience by providing a greater depth of information unattainable in traditional video. Put your video to work for you with Pause Solutions and control content from impression to transaction across desktop and mobile applications, social networks, blogs, and websites - while tracking all user engagement.

Video and overlay content are served dynamically, and assembled when the video is paused. This technology makes it possible to update content, in real time, from a web-based Content Management System.


Right message, Right time

What you say is important. But when you say it will determine the impact. Your message will fall on deaf ears if your audience is not ready to listen. Video Attaché delivers exactly what you want to say, when your audience wants it most – after they ask. And because they choose what to watch, you can be assured that they get exactly what they want.

Engage your audience

With Video Attaché you can capitalize on the emotional impact of video. Because the viewer chooses the videos they want to see and how they choose to interact, the emotional drivers of the decision are very strong. Being in control, the viewer sees the opportunity to obtain more information and take immediate action as an enhancement to their viewing experience.

Complete Control

Video is the most powerful method of mass communication, ensuring a consistent message and experience. By taking advantage of Video Attaché technology you have complete control of the video, the depth of information and action you want your audience to take. And because your information is dynamically served, it is completely updatable on the fly.