Brand Agent

Brand Agent Application Use
Brand Agent is the ultimate one-to-one video marketing solution, delivering content directly to your customer's desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Bypass the clutter of email and spam traps and put your customer in control.

Brand Agent delivers interactive video content directly to your audience's desktop, eliminating costly design, printing and mailing expenses - without IT involvement.


Introducing Brand Agent

Satsuma Digital's Brand Agent is the ultimate video communications tool. Because the Brand Agent desktop application does not require installation, it is effective for mass deployment, even in corporate environments. Video is a powerful and highly-effective communication tool. With Brand Agent you can harness that power for communication, training, loyalty programs, and one-to-one marketing – all without the need for IT.

Your Brand Agent desktop application can be updated on-the-fly making it possible to add customer features and services at any time. Brand Agent includes a built-in mail services that make 2-way communication possible without the use of an email application or web browser.

Business Benefits

  • Gives you the utmost in personalization and branding strategy
  • Videos are pushed directly to your customers bypassing browsers, websites and email
  • Reduce IT dependencies
  • Single click publishing
  • Measurable statistics on consumer response and behavior
  • Update your content on the fly
  • One-to-one marketing
  • Requires no change to existing videos or web strategies
  • Permissions based control of the content management system
  • Centralized video communication management
  • Add custom features without upgrading the application
  • Avoid spam filtering, bounced emails, or deleted files

Consumer Benefits

  • No intrusive advertising
  • Personalized content
  • Information is relevant to content the consumer is viewing
  • Requires little or no behavior change, viewers already use the “pause” button.
  • Prevents accidental deletion of critical information
  • Store favorite items and videos in a single locations
  • Growing library of relevant content
  • View on demand and retrieve on demand
  • Small application footprint reduces desktop clutter

Special Features

  • Personalized content based on preferences
  • Detailed search and refining filters
  • Store items of interest in Tag-It
  • Built in mail services
  • Localize content by ZIP code
  • Receive special offers and promotions

Complete Control

Pause Solutions for Brand Agent gives you the tools to completely control content from initial impression to final objective. You will have the ability to update videos, information placement, product details, etc. from a single web-based Content Management System. The result of this strategy makes it possible to update content on the fly. Links within the “Detail Panels” will direct users to the products, information, or services they desire.

Reduce IT Dependencies

Our solutions eliminate the need for ongoing IT department’s involvement. Content is published instantly to all Brand Agent applications. Simply update the content and press “publish”. All instances of the video are now up to date.


Pause Solutions video-in-video feature can provide detailed information about products that can best be demonstrated using video communication. Video-in-video is a perfect way to put the viewer in control of what they choose to see and it is a great way to utilize additional video that will provide a greater depth of information. With video-in-video, you will learn more about what your customers respond to, and how they respond to your marketing strategies.