Media Envoy

Media Envoy Application Use
Syndicate your video across multiple websites, blogs and social networks with Media Envoy. Use a single video and localize overlay information within each video. Maximize the value of your website's real estate and increase ad revenue.

Media Envoy delivers video playlists in standard ad size formats. Maximize the value of your advertising strategy by serving multiple videos each containing up to ten overlays or microsites within each video and control the content from a single source.


Strategies for using Media Envoy

Businesses: Use the power of your product, service, or informational videos to assure consistent communication across your network of resellers, agents, or distributors websites and control the level of user engagement you desire. Your information will never be out of date again because you have the power to centrally manage the videos and the available overlay information.

Publishers: Increase your ROI by maximizes the value and functionality of your ad space. Online publications have an advantage over their print counterparts because they can deliver video content. The problem is that the only way to monetize the video content is to allow for pre-roll or pop-up ads that inevitably frustrate the very audience you are trying to keep. Media Envoy makes it possible to consolidate your videos in a single location and deliver up to ten overlay panels of information within each video. Your advertisers will be able to build or edit their overlay panels from their account on your Advertising CMS and because all user interaction is tracked your advertisers can monitor the success of their overlays in real time.

Advertisers: Completely control your content from impression through transaction. Media Envoy helps you increase the impact of your internet advertising. Using the power of online video, you can stimulate consumers to engage and interact with your ads and improve their understanding of your message.

With Media Envoy, advertisers stream multiple videos from a single banner ad. Because Media Envoy combines video’s power to evoke emotional responses with factual information about your featured products or services, your banner ads can yield impressive results.

Media Envoy also collects detailed data about how consumers respond to your online advertising. With Media Envoy’s built-in reporting capability, you can track metrics on viewer responses and determine the types of videos, products and information that appeal to your viewers.

Enhanced impressions

Traditional banner ads generate passive impressions, which are often not a real impression at all. Research shows that viewers ignore over 60% of the banner ads served to them. When viewers interact with a Media Envoy enabled banner ad – launching videos and viewing more information about featured products and services – they are much more deeply engaged with the advertiser’s content than a typical passive impression. We call this viewer-initiated activity an “enhanced” impression.