Marketing Strategies

Put Your Video Assets to Work

If you have a captive audience watching your online videos – Pause Solutions is for you. Pause Solutions is a non-intrusive way for you to personalize your existing online video assets by marketing related products within the video. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

What are Video Assets?

  • If your viewers watch your videos for entertainment or for education (or both) – you have valuable video assets.
  • If you sell products that are seen in your videos – you have valuable video assets.
  • If you have products that relate to your videos, but aren’t seen in the videos – you have valuable video assets.
  • If there are products in your videos that you don’t even produce – you have valuable video assets.

You can list these items (as well as your own) for sale in Pause Solutions, and sell the overlay space to the company that makes the other products.

Until now, your videos have been a good way to promote your brand or demonstrate your products or services. Now with Pause Solutions, your videos are a great way to extend your marketing capabilities. Can you see the possibilities?

Revenue Generation

Pause Solutions makes it possible for manufacturers and retailers to stimulate new demand and generate additional online sales by capitalizing on the emotional impact of online video. Because consumers are highly engaged when they choose to view videos that are very interesting and entertaining to them, the emotional drivers of a purchasing decision are very strong.

With the advent of Pause Solutions, online videos have become a valuable source for revenue generation. Here are some of the ways:

  • A new shopping avenue is created for your existing captive audience.
  • Host Pause Solutions for the marketers of other products seen in your videos – on your website.
  • Market your Pause Solutions enabled videos to other websites with similar interests. (They get your video content and Pause Solutions capabilities. You get access to a broader audience and revenue generation from the host as well as your product sales.)
  • Present Pause Solutions to other websites with videos that feature your products or have a related subject. (Again, you expand your audience awareness and generate sales and new traffic to your website when finalizing the product purchase.)
  • Present Pause Solutions to people you sponsor – for inclusion in their website and social media.

Vertical Market Emphasis

Pause Solutions is an ideal sales tool for vertical markets. Do you have a niche product(s)? Are there online videos related to that niche? Then Pause Solutions may be an excellent opportunity to expand your market base.

Scenario #1:

Your products are seen in online videos presented by another company in your field.

  • If your products are seen in online videos presented by others – those videos are a potential new media source for you. (Even if your product is not seen in the video, but is relevant to that niche, Pause Solutions may be appropriate.)
  • With Pause Solutions, they can earn revenue from your media placement and you can be seen in new places and sell your products to viewers who are already a captive audience.
  • And, if it’s appropriate, you can make arrangements to host their videos on your site. Now you are drawing an untapped audience to your site and they are expanding their audience by the exposure to your viewers.

Scenario #2:

You have videos that feature other products besides your own.

  • If you already have online videos, just reverse Scenario #1. With Pause Solutions, not only are your videos a valuable asset for marketing your products, they are a new media asset as well.
  • Turn your Pause Solutions player into an additional profit center by renting “shelf” space to others. It’s all about expanding your niche (and expanding your profits).

Push Marketing Strategy

Traditionally, marketing has been limited to pull. That is, you pull your target audience to your website or your store, via advertising media.

The internet is quickly bringing push into the equation. If you offer something of interest or value to your audience – entertaining or instructive videos, helpful widgets and gadgets, or shopping – you can easily push to them because you have the content they desire. Brand building doesn’t get any better than this.

Push advantages with Pause Solutions:

  • Information is delivered immediately to your customers.
  • Your customers request your content.
  • You can bypass email and spam filtering.
  • You create a true one-to-one marketing solution.
  • You maintain top of mind awareness.

Pull advantages with Pause Solutions:

  • Attracting shoppers to your website to make final purchases allows them to see other products.
  • Attract people to your website looking for more Pause Solutions videos.

Co-op Advertising

More than ever, people are using online video to follow their interests – from a fan watching off-road biking to a gardener learning planting techniques. With Pause Solutions you can reach this highly targeted audience with your products. Pause Solutions will turn your online videos into revenue building assets. For even greater effectiveness, you can go beyond your own website and broaden your market base by partnering with companies whose products are complimentary to yours.

Here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • If you have online videos, get started with Pause Solutions on your website.
  • Get your Pause Solutions enabled videos out there on other related sites. There may be other websites that are even more popular than your own. Co-op with them to broaden your market base.
  • Invite other related sites to post their Pause Solutions enabled videos with you! Again, you’ll broaden your market and generate revenue from media placement.

There’s so much more

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