Corporate Solutions

Bridging the Gap

Traditionally, online videos have been a good way for companies to promote brands or demonstrate products. From entertaining fans to installing a sink – special interest videos are flooding the Internet.

Significant investments have been made by businesses across the globe in online video content and e-commerce solutions. Pause Solutions bridges the gap between these two investments, maximizing profitability and consumer satisfaction. Adding Pause Solutions functionality will change consumers’ experience and expectations of online video.

Because consumers are highly engaged when viewing videos that are very interesting and entertaining to them, the emotional drivers of a purchasing decision are very strong. And since consumers decide when to interrupt the video; they are choosing to seek additional product information and won’t find it disruptive or intrusive. Putting consumers in control, they see the opportunity to obtain more information about products featured in the video as an enhancement to their viewing experience.

By reducing the number of steps and the time lag between the consumer’s emotional engagement and the purchasing opportunity, response rates and purchases will increase.