Publisher Solutions

Selling In-Video Overlays

Online Magazines have a unique advantage over their print counterparts – media. Pause Solutions makes it possible to sell overlay panels within the video instead of frustrating your audience with pre-roll advertising.

Profiting from Archived Video

You’ve already made the investment in online video – now it’s time to collect. Hosting archived video can become an IT burden and an unwanted expense. Take advantage of your investment by selling in-video commerce space for all of your archived content. You will have access to reports that can substantiate the value of your older videos.

Consider it Subscription Data

Take advantage of our Brand Agent desktop application to generate circulation data for your video content – as well as increasing impressions and click statistics. By pushing content to your audience, you can create even greater value for the commerce space you sell. Distributing your videos doesn’t get much easier or cost effective. Increased traffic and more detailed statistics mean more revenue to the publications.