Retailer Solutions

Pause Solutions is bringing proven traditional in-store marketing strategy to online video. You can now use the power of video to service, educate, or stimulate your customers – increasing your revenue opportunities. Videos abound with opportunities for product placement income and cross-selling opportunities. You also have the ability to sell product position in the Product Panel, just as you would sell product position on the shelf. Consider your videos as a virtual point-of-sale display. Check out the features and you’ll see why Pause Solutions is a retailer’s dream come true.

Pause Solutions Features:

  • Strategically organize product placement.
  • Immediately update or change content in all locations, at one time, from a single source.
  • Research measurable data for optimum product positioning.
  • Generate custom reports.
  • Take advantage of push as well as pull capabilities with the Widget or Gadget.
  • Increase website traffic.
  • Market your videos to other related websites.
  • Sell media to others on your website.